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Notice to Property Owners and Landlords

Blackheath Property Services is a new service being created to help property owners landlords and professional property managers better manage their homes, investments or property portfolios.

Today many property owners decide to become landlords and or property investors. Sourcing quality property service providers can be a nightmare and the stress of owning and managing property, especially from a distance, can be immense.

In many cases property owners must let then manage their homes or property investments from a distance due to relocation for work or other reasons, and so our mission at Blackheath Property Services is to bring landlords and property owners peace of mind by offering links to rated property service providers as well as some simple tools that should make your life as a landlord or property owner a little easier.

Please Note: Nothing on this website is specifically intended for residents, tenants, guests or visitors, renting from landlords under short-hold tenancy agreements or any other any kind of agreement.

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